Hiretual Talent Data Cloud is a deep two-way integration designed to help you surface candidate profiles in your ATS with AI-powered filters. Hiretual-Bullhorn is one of our earliest integrations that is easy to connect, abundant with smart filter offerings, and synchronous with candidate and user activities from both platforms.

Read on to learn how to...

  1. Set up your integration (Admin)

  2. Export candidates from Hiretual to Bullhorn

  3. Rediscover candidates from Bullhorn with Hiretual

  4. Analyze your integration performance (Admin)

Integration Setup (Admin)

Before you begin, please ensure that you are...

  • A subscriber of Hiretual Enterprise and have a valid Hiretual account (*Please contact your Hiretual Account Manager if you need help setting up an Enterprise license.)

  • The admin user of your company's Hiretual Enterprise subscription

  • The admin of your Bullhorn account

Step 1: Configure Bullhorn on Hiretual

  • As an admin user, you'll be able to configure your ATS by clicking on the Apps tab on the left and following the same instructions below.

  • If you also have a team member license, you can configure in Hiretual Apps by clicking here, and follow the steps as pictured in the screenshots below.

Step 2: You will see a popup to login via Bullhorn, please proceed by logging in to your Bullhorn account.

(Please make sure your browser does not block Popup windows.)

Step 3: The popup will auto-close after you log in to your account.

Step 4: You should see a success message on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Under Settings, select to export candidates from Hiretual to Bullhorn as either prospects or candidates linked to specific jobs and hiring stages.

Step 6: Map relevant candidate profile data fields between Hiretual and Bullhorn.

If you want to customize the data field mapping:

  • Select a Hiretual candidate profile field from the ‘All Fields in Hiretual’ field list and choose a suitable field from the Bullhorn profile fields dropdown.

  • If you want to attach a resume for each candidate when syncing from Hiretual to Bullhorn, select the ‘Attach Hiretual Resume’

  • If you want to sync notes and tags from Hiretual to Bullhorn, enable and map Hiretual Note and Tag fields with Bullhorn activity fields.

Step 7: Configure candidate link domain to make the Bullhorn icon on the candidate’s Hiretual profile clickable.

Step 8: To enable Hiretual Talent Data Cloud with Bullhorn and allow the pull of candidates from Bullhorn into Hiretual, go to the Admin Console > Talent Data Cloud > Configuration > Enable > Enable data importing, and fill in credentials. If you've already connected through Apps, you won't need to fill in the credentials again under Talent Data Cloud in the Admin Console.

*Note: Please contact Hiretual Customer Support to enable the two-way integration for Hiretual Talent Data Cloud.

Step 9: Set your import preferences with Hiretual.

Select the number of profiles you'd like to import from Bullhorn into Hiretual.

Optional: You can also better target your imports by selecting candidates in specific jobs! To support hiring stages and tags, please reach out to Bullhorn.

Step 10: Set your export preferences from Hiretual to Bullhorn.

Exporting Candidates from Hiretual to Bullhorn

After you've found qualified candidates in Hiretual, you can easily export them into Bullhorn. Go to a project and click Pipeline, select your candidates, and click Sync/Export. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to select the candidate application type and job of your exports.

Click on the ‘Export candidates’ button to export your candidate profiles to the Bullhorn system.

*Note: If Bullhorn requires a re-generation of the token, you will see a popup again during the exporting of candidates. If you already logged in to Bullhorn and have an active session, the popup will auto-close without asking you to re-login and generates new token as per requirements.

Once you've successfully exported the candidates, you can click the Bullhorn icon on the candidate's Hiretual profile to redirect to his or her Bullhorn profile, which has been enriched with new information from Hiretual. Additionally, in Bullhorn, you'll even be able to see the Hiretual resume and source of the candidate.

The beauty of Talent Data Cloud also lies in its deduplication and enrichment functionalities. When exporting candidates, duplicates can easily be merged on the Recently Pushed to ATS page. You can select which information you want from which profiles. Oftentimes, you'll find new contact information that can be exported over to the candidate's ATS profile.

Rediscovering Candidates from Bullhorn with Hiretual

On the main Hiretual AI Sourcing page, you'll be able to source candidates from both the open web and your ATS, or just your ATS. For ATS Jobs and ATS Stages filter options, please contact Bullhorn so we can work together to make it happen.

Analyzing Integration Performance (Admin)

As the Hiretual admin user, you'll have access to eye-opening statistics into your Hiretual-ATS integration. Go to Admin Console > Talent Data Cloud to see rediscovery metrics, diversity breakdown of your ATS candidates, top companies of your ATS candidates, and more!

For any other questions, please reach out to our Customer Success Team or email [email protected].

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