Hiretual has come a long way since 2015, and continues to grow more than ever before.

Hiretual was founded by two ambitious entrepreneurs, Steven Jiang and Xinwen Zhang, who realized the pain points and regular inefficiencies of the recruiting process during their previous employment at SamSung.

Seeing a sizable gap, Steven and Xinwen set about solving this problem. While building the technology that powers Hiretual, they opened a small recruiting agency. For six months, they sourced and recruited candidates, worked with hiring managers, and managed tight deadlines.

Establishing a close relationship with recruiters and sourcers has become the lifeblood of Hiretual’s products. That community connection and customer obsession sets Hiretual apart from other products, and continues to push development forward to this day.



Founded by Steven Jiang and Xinwen Zhang.


R&D of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing engine


Launched the world's first AI sourcing technology and the world's largest talent knowledge graph. Crossed 100k users.


Launched Email Engagement and Market Intelligence/Insights Functionalities.


Launched the world's first Intelligent Talent Pipeline.


At Hiretual, there are THREE main values:

Commit & Deliver

We honor our word and deliver exceptional products, experiences, and service.

Value Obsessed

We ask "how is this making the lives of our customers better?" on every task, every day.

Stay Hungry

We refuse to be satisfied. We strive to constantly improve.

Welcome to the Hiretual family!

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