Hiretual is every recruiter's best friend.

It is the AI-powered Candidate Search and Data Engine for all of your recruiting efforts.

It is a top of the funnel intelligent talent pipeline solution for recruiting.

It is any recruiter’s all-encompassing workspace and a talent data hub.

Welcome to the #1 AI powered recruitment solution, which is trusted by top recruiters around the world. Below are some of our enterprise customers and top partners that have proven ROI across a variety of industries.

Ultimately, Hiretual's goal is to make every recruiter's life easier and more efficient. We achieve this goal by supporting a 42% increase in hires per recruiter, where recruiters can spend 80% less time spent on sourcing.

Overall, Hiretual has 750M+ profiles in our talent pool, and on average, an 87% contact finding rate, both of which are #1 metrics in the recruitment market.

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