At times, you may wonder why Hiretual cannot give me the desirable and quality candidates when you have entered all the job criteria. “Am I doing something wrong?”, one may ask.

This article will help you explore some possible search pitfalls, and the top sourcing tips based on our customers’ and own experiences.

Top 3 tips to yield better search results:

1. Leverage Persona/Insights

Once you have typed in the job titles, location and other criteria on the sourcing page, always remember to reference the “Persona/Insights” for a comprehensive overview and breakdown of the targeted talent market.

This page gives real-time responsiveness and provides insights for Titles, Skills, Location, Years of Experience, Industries and Sourcing Channels. You can:

  • Evaluate, modify and refine the search
  • Gain insights on talent distribution
  • Maximize your candidate search in both quality and quantity

2. Leverage “Insights” report when starting a challenging search

This page serves TWO main purposes for the recruiters:

  • Quickly evaluate the available candidate market and do a talent mapping exercise.
  • Download this report as a PDF document, and present it to your Hiring Manager for setting expectations, to propose what is needed to change or amend.

When you’re ready, start a new AI search based on the criteria directly from this page.

3. Leverage the advanced and hidden filters: Excluded/Included/Extended search

Don’t overlook the hidden search functions. Those little ones can be very powerful.

Included in/Excluded from Current Title: Put specific and must-have title keywords under “Included in”, and take out irrelevant titles under “excluded from”, you can reference to “Personal/Insights” for these two filters. This will help you to generate a more accurate candidate pool.

Excluded locations: For example, when you’re sourcing a whole country as the location, but don’t want candidates from specific states or cities, you can leverage the “excluded locations”.

Extended search / Bulk Upload: Simply type in any company and Hiretual will intelligently help you generate similar companies to your requirement. You can also choose to bulk upload the companies if you have a list.

Excluded from Industries: You should reference to “Personal/Insights” to gain a overview of all the industries which are on the list, and exclude those unwanted ones.

What to avoid:

a. Use too many mandatory skills

Mandatory skills are one of the most powerful filters. In most cases, the main reason you may not be getting the results you want is because there are too many mandatory skills listed.

Recommendation: Remove a few skills that aren’t “deal breakers” and focus on the most important skill(s) to ensure that it appears in a candidates profile. After you run your new search, you can use the “Sort by: Skill Relevance” filter to see candidates who match all of the skills.

"Preferred Skills" are nice-to-haves which will not impact on the number of candidate pool. When multiple skills are listed here, the candidate results are stack ordered, ranked by how many of the skills they have.

b. Not looking at the "Sample Candidates" and/or "Persona/Insights" while building a search.

So far, we have mentioned and reiterated the importance of "Persona/Insights" before building starting a search. Meanwhile, referencing and calibrating "Sample Candidates" page is equally vital. This gives you a 5% preview of the whole candidate pool before Hiretual starts digging the whole web. You can adjust and refine any filters based on the suggested candidates.

Now there are also keyword hightlights on candidate profiles to help you directly identify their profile accuracy.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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