New Features!

  1. Keyword highlighting
  • Searched titles (including the extended AI-suggestions), skills, company & security clearances will now be highlighted.

   2. “Sync Export” and “Export as PDF” now in the candidate’s profile view

  • Sync and export a candidate without going to their talent profile page

   3. Bulk note adding

  • Add the same notes to a selected group of candidates, all at once!

   4. Copy/paste/parse titles and skills.

  • Use commas/semicolons as you add multiple titles or skills in AI Sourcing. Hiretual automatically splits and searches them separately.
  1. Copy text & paste in titles or keywords

   2. Click on the keyword in blue

  3. Keywords will be parsed and separated.

Beta Features

  1. Refine Search
  • Now you can edit tasks in sourcing. We will remove candidates in this task AND in the new stage as well as provide a new set of candidates.

Pipeline view:

Sourcing tab view:

  2. Redesigned talent pool page 

    3. Updated tag management

  • Admin can choose tags from a drop-down list, and admin seats can manage the tags by merging or deleting.

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