Hiretual offers you the capability to create sequence templates with up to 10 total emails.

We highly recommend using follow up sequences since they significantly increase your response rate.

To get started, you can locate the "Sequences" option via the "Engage" tab. Or click here: https://app.hiretual.com/engage/sequences

In the sequence tab you can view the results from all of your previous campaigns as well as create new ones.

Creating a new sequence:

Get started by selecting the “Create Sequence” button.

Give it a name, specify if you want to keep it private or share it with your team. Click “Create.”

Load in one of your saved templates or start writing your emails.

Add a new follow-up email by clicking the command below your email or on the left side.

Change the email schedule: Date and time

Preview your emails or send yourself your test. When you’re ready, select “Save sequence.”

Your sequence will be visible from the drop-down menu when you decide to engage candidates.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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