Hiretual is not only used to source, engage, and track candidates, but also efficient in assisting recruiting agencies to expand their book of business. You can use Hiretual to source, engage, nurture, and track prospects as well as candidates.

Hiretual Insights

You are able to gather market knowledge using Hiretual Insights. You can use this feature to gather more information on specific types of roles, companies, and industries. Along with this, you can use the other filters, such as location and skills, to narrow it down further.

For example, if you wanted to learn more about a specific client or lead you are targeting you can head to our Insights feature and input that company name. Next, click generate insights and you will see the total number of professionals who currently or previously worked at that company company including the top titles, skills, and much more. You can utilize this information when engaging with leads at this company. 

Likewise, you can follow the same steps when looking for insight for a specific role by searching titles or industry for a specific market. 

AI Sourcing

Once you have gathered insights and data, you can take it into consideration when sourcing leads and clients. You can choose to take both a pragmatic or creative approach.

Looking for leads at a specific company/ companies

One scenario is you have a company or list of companies you know are hiring, and you are searching for leads or the hiring manager. Head to AI Sourcing and go to Job Titles. Under Job Titles, insert the titles that hiring managers typically hold for the position(s) you are looking to fill as shown below.

Edit the titles as needed by referring to the “candidate persona.” Next, head to the companies filter and use the first filter used to source from specific companies. You can choose to type out the company name(s) or “Bulk Upload” them. 

Note: Make sure to select “Current Only.”

Click Start Sourcing and add them to a new Sales/Business Project!

Similarly, you can also target hiring managers in specific industries. Start by adding titles for hiring manager under Job Titles. Next, you target industries in two ways.

One way is to simply head to the companies filters, go down to “Industries” and select the industries you would like to target. 

The second option is to head to the companies filter and use the first filter to source from specific companies. In this case you can choose to add a couple companies and then check the “Extended Search” option. This will extend your search for hiring managers beyond the companies you entered by opening the search up to additional companies similar and relevant to those companies you had entered.

Note: It is recommended that you use the Industry and Companies filters separately to avoid doubling up.

Key Terms Approach

Another scenario you could find yourself in is being unsure of what companies or industries to target. Or, maybe your leads have gone stale. You can use keywords to find hiring managers who are actively looking to grow their team/ company. Again, start by adding titles for hiring managers under “Job Titles.” Next, find the drop down for “Included in/ Excluded from Current Title.” Under “Included in Current Title” add key terms or phrases that are typically found in titles of managers actively hiring as shown below.

These are a few methods you can use, but various creative approaches can be taken when sourcing for new business. Feel free to combine the examples or plug and play with other filters to run additional creative searches!


Email Engagement

Once you have completed sourcing clients and leads, it is time to engage them. Just as we engage candidates, it is highly recommended that you use email sequences when engaging prospects for new business. By using several touch points, this will allow you to not only increase your chances of receiving a response but also nurture your prospects. 

Follow this link for more information on Email Sequence Best Practices.

Cold Calling

Having multiple touch points is just as important as using a variety of methods to reach out to prospects. Cold calling is one of the most common ways to connect with prospects. Hiretual will provide you with not only emails but also phone numbers you can use for engagements.


Sometimes new business can be found from old business. A common idea is to re-engage previous clients and/or leads. You can easily do so by importing a .csv file or individual profiles of prospects. To do so, select “Import Candidates” as shown below.

Follow this link for more information on Importing Candidates. 

You can use this feature to import prospects into a project. Next, go to Projects and select the project you have added the imported prospects into. Here you can re-engage previous clients and leads using an email sequence.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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