Hiretual provides a powerful Chrome Extension that is useful when sourcing outside of Hiretual. 

You can use Hiretual's Chrome Extension to easily cross collaborate with Hiretual when sourcing on other platforms. If you have found a candidate, on another platform that you would like to engage, you can simply click on Hiretual's Chrome Extension to collaborate your sourcing project with Hiretual. 

Using Hiretual's Chrome Extension, you have the ability to:

  • View candidate information (name, location, social links, contact)
  • Engage a candidate directly
  • Add candidates to your Hiretual pipeline (projects, tags, notes)
  • View candidates' Experience, Expertise and Skills, and Insight

To begin, below we see a Github profile of a candidate that we would like to find more information on or engage with. You can simply click the blue "h" icon, representing Hiretual's Chrome Extension, to start cross collaborating.

Once you click the icon, you will be given quick view of this candidate's Hiretual profile.

View candidate information and engage

As shown below, you are first given the candidate's name, location, current title, and current company. 

Next, you are given the candidate's social links. If you would like view a candidate's social link, simply click on the correct icon of the social site to be navigated there. 

Below the social links, you can find the candidate's contact information. 

If the candidate's contact information is already revealed or you choose to reveal it, you have the ability to engage the candidate from Hiretual's Chrome Extension. To do so, click the 'blue paper airplane' icon next to the piece of contact information, you would like to use, as shown below:

Once you select the 'blue paper airplane' icon, you will be able to send a new message to the candidate. 

You have the ability to select saved templates in Hiretual, insert variables, change the font, add attachments, and more. You can also preview the message, send a test message, and choose to send the message at a later day/time.

Add candidates to your Hiretual Pipeline

When viewing a candidate in Hiretual's Chrome Extension, you can look at "Pipeline" as indicated below.

Here you can view if the candidate is currently in an existing project. You can also add the candidate to a new or existing project. 

Once you have added the candidate to a project, you have the ability to go directly to that project in Hiretual by clicking the blue arrow icon. You can also remove a candidate from a project by clicking the "x" icon all the way to the right.

Along with this, you can view as well as add tags and notes to a candidate. You also have an option to associate added tags/notes to a project.

View candidate Experience, Expertise and Skills, and Insights

If you have found a candidate where experience is not already shared (ex: Github), you will be able view a snapshot of their most recent experience.

Note: To view a candidate's full experience, scroll up to the social links and click the "h" icon. You will then be directed to the candidate's complete Hiretual profile.

When you continue to scroll down you can view a summary of a candidate's Expertise and Skills. To expand the list of skills, simply click "more." If a candidate has a Github profile, then you will also be able to view the candidate's Github Performance.

Lastly, when you have scrolled to the bottom, you can view the candidate's availability (how likely this candidate is to move from their current role) and average market value (predicted average base salary based on candidate's background).

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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