Are you tired of seeing the same batch of candidates pop up? Do not fear because with Hiretual IT/ Tech AI Sourcing, untapped talent is within reach! 

Hiretual aggregates data from tech-specific platforms beyond LinkedIn such as Github, Stack Overflow, Kaggle, and many more. These platforms are not meant for traditional recruiting but instead are avenues for tech professionals to display their projects. That means Hiretual will capture all of those projects for your careful evaluation and help you focus on the best-fit candidates. 

With 50+ Expertise (i.e. Machine Learning, Game Designer & Developer, Python Developer), 250+ Programming Languages, and varying involvement levels with community Coding Activities; you will be able to better target your search on the most qualified candidates for your open roles. To top it off, Hiretual AI will automatically search for similar terms and offer you candidate tech insights to make your job easier. 

Getting started:

You can locate the IT/Tech sourcing feature via the “Sourcing” tab and then the “IT/Tech” sourcing module between “General” and “Healthcare.”

Now, not only can you source candidates from specific expertise areas, also specific job titles relating to IT/Tech.


Get started by typing in what you’re looking for or by selecting “View All Expertise” and choosing there.

Skills / Keywords:

Next you can add specific “Skills / Keywords” that you’re looking for. As you start to add keywords, the sample set page of candidates will load on the right.

Programming Languages:

Then you can add “Programming Languages” that the candidates will need to have. You can start typing or select from the drop-down.

Locations & Current Companies:

Moving forward you can select a location, current companies and lastly “Coding Activities / Impact Levels.”

Coding Activities / Impact Levels:

Coding activity levels or community impact are determined from analyzing the candidates Github, Stack Overflow, or Kaggle profiles. You can choose from “Unranked” all the way up to “Master.”

Notice the sample set page of candidates on the right updates in real time.

Keep in mind you can toggle over to the “Persona/Insights” page as well to get a better sense of what Hiretual is searching.

You will also notice an update here, now "Companies" filter is available at the bottom. Simply type in the company or companies which you desire the candidates to be from (at any point of the time), then click "Extended Search". Hiretual's AI will then automatically generate similar companies, base on industries and sizes.

Remember to double check, if you own organization has put in "Excluded From Companies" filter.

The last step will be giving feedback on 5 candidates in the sample set to fine tune the AI. Give feedback on the candidates until you reach “100% Calibration.”

Lastly, click “Start Sourcing” and begin your search!

If you have any question, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

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