In some cases, your original AI task may not yield the exact results you’re looking for. However, that’s okay, in Hiretual you can quickly modify your search and run it again.

Below are a few reasons why your searches might not be hitting the mark and how to improve them.


Mandatory Skills: In most cases, the main reason you may not be getting the results you want is because there are too many mandatory skills listed.

When multiple skills are listed here, the candidate results are stack ordered, ranked by how many of the skills they have. 

Recommendation: Remove a few skills that aren’t “deal breakers” and focus on the most important skill(s) to ensure that it appears in a candidates profile. After you run your new search, you can use the “Sort by: Skill Relevance” filter to see candidates who match all of the skills.

Preferred Skills: This section is great for adding the “nice to have” skills. Most of the time, adding keywords here will not reduce the size of your candidate pool.

Recommendation: Elaborate and emphasize the importance of your mandatory skills. For example, if you’re looking for “Java” you could add “Java development” or “Java Programming” or even “Java 8” to reiterate the importance of this skill.


Job titles/expertises are not required, however, adding focused titles do play a role in how the candidates are ranked and can help increase the accuracy of your search results.

Recommendation: Take a look at the “Candidate Persona/ Insights” and add similar/relevant titles that appear. Doing some research on similar titles is always helpful since many candidates may call themselves something different than your organization. For example, if you’re looking for a software engineering manager you could also add “Manager, Software Engineering” and “Manager of Software Engineering”.

Advanced Filters:

Most of the time, the fix to correcting your search can be resolved by applying an advanced filter or two.

Titles - Included in/Excluded from Current Title: Sometimes you may get irrelevant titles in your search results. This is because the AI places an emphasis on a candidate's skills and other titles show up.

Recommendation: Take a look at the candidate Persona to view which titles are being searched in the backend. Then either add the titles you want to remove to the “Excluded from current title” filter or focus on a few titles in the “Included in current title” section.

Companies - Current/Previous, Excluded from, Industries: Maybe you’re running into a bunch of candidates that are working in a different industry or type of company.

Recommendation: In addition to excluding your own company, Hiretual offers an easy solution to targeting your competitors. You can either use the “Bulk upload” feature to parse a target list of companies or you can add a few ideal companies in the “Companies” section and select “Extended search”. Then go over to the “Persona” tab to see which similar companies are being targeted.

Another option is to use the “Industry” filter to target a list of relative industries.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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