Our boolean builder allows you to quickly generate custom boolean strings and search across a variety of different platforms.

We have three options for you to create a string.

  1. Quick mode: Select a job title/expertise and Hiretual’s AI will predict and generate your keywords.
  2. Smart mode: A more comprehensive option that allows you to customize your string by adding other filters.
  3. JD mode: Copy/paste a job description and Hiretual’s AI will extract and parse the relevant keywords for you.

Below is a step by step instruction:

You can find “Boolean Builder” on the bottom left side of the screen.

On the right side of the screen you can view the history of boolean strings you’ve created as well as your favorites.

Here you also have the option to locate the history of the Boolean strings you’ve created as well as your favourites.

Let’s start with a demonstration of how to create a boolean string using the “Smart Mode”

  1. Start by adding a job title. You can choose up to five. Immediately our AI will populate suggestions below that you can quickly add.
  2. Add Related (OR statement) and Mandatory (AND statement) skills. Make sure you add at least 3 skills between the two fields. For mandatory skills you can choose up to five.
  3. Specify an industry (Optional) and the desired location. You can add up to 10 different locations.
  4. Click “Generate Boolean String”

After generating it, you will notice the string below. Then you will have two more optional filters to apply.

After adding the additional filters, scroll down and select which platform you would like to search your string in.

You have 36 different open web platforms to search your boolean string with.

Once you hover over a platform, the name will appear. After you select one it will fill with platform.

On the bottom right you also have the option to copy the URL. When you’re ready, simply click “Search Talent Now” and start reviewing profiles.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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