In addition to our web platform, Hiretual provides a very powerful and useful Chrome extension.

You can use the Hiretual Extension to:

  • Quickly construct and launch advanced boolean strings
  • Find nearly anyone's email address and phone number.
  • Aggregate and cross-reference all of a candidate's online profiles.
  • Instantly convert any job description into a smart Boolean string.
  • X-ray search with Google and Bing on 30+ platforms.
  • Prioritize outreach with estimates on candidate availability and salary range.
  • Collaborate across your team with shared projects, tags, and notes.

To get started, you can download it via the Chrome store here: 

After you download the extension, open it by clicking on the blue Hiretual logo in your extension bar.

Then you can locate the menu by clicking on the three lines at the top right.

Within the menu view, you will find the Boolean Builder, Cross reference, and Github search. As well as quick links to your dashboard.

Let’s start with the Boolean Builder.

You have three options to work with.

Quick mode: Simply add a job title and the builder will do the rest and automatically generate a boolean string.

Smart Mode: Use this option if you want to customize to your string and add more filters.

JD Mode: Allows you copy/paste a job description to create your boolean string.

Now let’s dive into what to do next after you’ve added your search keywords.

Once you put your criteria together, click “Generate Boolean String”. If you’re searching on LinkedIn you can add additional filters afterwards.

Scroll down and you will see a list of platforms to search the string in.

After you select a platform, click “Search Talent”

For this demonstration I searched my string in Google to xray LinkedIn profiles.

When you open a candidate in LinkedIn, click on the Hiretual extension and we will analyze the profile.

If available, additional social media links and contact information will be provided. In addition to that, we show you what skills the candidate is an expert in, experience, availability and average market value.

You can also add candidates to your existing or new projects in your Hiretual dashboard as well as add notes and tags.

To add a candidate to a project, click “add to projects” then create a new one or select from your existing.

After selecting the project, designate which hiring process stage you want to add them to and click submit.

Cross Reference:

Our cross reference tool is a powerful single search that allows you to find individual candidates. In addition to the candidates name we recommend adding either their current company, location or job title.

Then you can select from the results to view the candidates information.

Github Search:

Hiretual’s extension also provides an easy to use and powerful Github search.

There are two options. Talent search and repository search. 

To get started, you can search and select specific languages from our drop down.

Then add a location or multiple. Followers and repositories are optional. Then click “Search Talent Now”

Afterwards you will be redirected to the Github users page with your search string inputted above.

From here, you adjust the “Sort” function and start to review Github users profiles.

After clicking on a profile, open our extension to review the candidates information.

In addition to this, if you scroll further down, you can view the candidates “Github performance.” Hiretual analyzes the candidates coding repository to determine which coding languages they are most skilled in.

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