With Hiretual you can import candidates with resume files.

Powered by the most intelligent resume parsing algorithm in the industry, Hiretual transfers unstructured resume contents to structured data fields to enable fine-grained search and AI sourcing.

Now you can add candidates to Hiretual by importing resume files with the format of .pdf, .doc, or .txt.

Here is a brief tutorial video that explains this feature: 

Below are step by step instructions:

To get started, you can locate the Resume parsing feature via the dashboard in top right corner.

Click on the “+Add” button and then select “Add a Candidate”

Afterwards the “Add Candidate” screen will pop-up. From this view, you can either drag and drop a resume or click to add from your computer. PDF, Doc and Txt files are supported.

Afterwards, Hiretual will scan the resume and parse the candidates information to create their Hiretual profile.

You can edit the candidates name, location, contact info, profile links and  experience as well as add other information.

Next, you will select an existing project or create a new one to add the candidate to.

Select the desired stage of the project and then click “Add candidate”

After the candidate has been successfully added to your project, you can view the profile or add more!

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