Hiretual offers users the ability to download PDF resumes for candidates found in Hiretual. When viewing candidates you have sourced (Projects -> Candidates), you can locate this feature a few ways.

When viewing "New" Candidates

When viewing sourced candidates in the "New" stage, you can download a candidate resume by, first, clicking on the candidate's name.

The candidate's full profile will show. Next, click the three horizontal dots and select "Export as PDF."

When viewing candidates beyond the "New" stage

When viewing candidates in the "Uncontacted," "Contacted," "Replied," and any additional stages, you can download a candidate resume by, first, clicking the candidate name.

The candidate full profile will appear. You can then click "Export as PDF" to download the candidate resume.

Hiretual's Talent Profile

When viewing sourced candidates, find their Hiretual Talent Profile by selecting the 'h' Hiretual icon.

The candidate's Hiretual Talent Profile will open in a new window. Download the candidate's resume by clicking "Export as PDF."

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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