Hiretual also provides the option to import and refresh existing data. This can be a very helpful resource as most ATS/CRM's are full of quality candidates but usually the data it out of date.

If you have a pre-existing list of candidates or you've just exported a spreadsheet from your ATS/CRM, or you have resumes of candidates that wish to be added into Hiretual’s project, you can use our "Import Candidates" feature to refresh these profiles.

You can locate “Import Candidates” from the bottom left-hand side corner of the talent pool page.

Your file will need to be in either CSV/XLSV or XLS format. Before you upload you can also select if you’d like to upload it to an existing project or create a new one.

After you upload your file you will be prompted to match the field columns accordingly.

The file must include either an email address or social url such as a LinkedIn profile link, in order to import.

After you import and match all the .csv headers with the Hiretual field names, select “Review Import."

Then, you will be asked to review the fields and “Confirm and submit.” After doing so, the import process will begin refreshing your data and adding the candidates to the project you chose.

Upon completion you will receive an email.

If you have any questions regarding the import process, please reach out to your Customer Success Specialist or email [email protected]

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