Hiretual provides an intuitive design and seamless process for managing your candidates within each project.

“Projects” are where your candidates will be stored after performing an AI search and a “Task” is an individual AI search.

If you’ve just completed an AI Sourcing task, you can locate your candidate pipeline by selecting “See candidates” for the specific search. Or, you can select the “Candidates” tab located on the top left. Keep in mind that this view will combine candidates from all of the sourcing tasks within the project.

Alternatively, within the “Projects” tab, located on the left bar menu. you can select your designated project.

Once inside the project, you can view all recent candidates in the “New” tab. For each candidate, you will be able to see basic information such as Name, Title, Years of Experience, Location, Last two positions, Education, and Tags/Skills.

Keep in mind that the “Tags” appearing first will be the mandatory/related skills that you specified in the AI task, meaning those skills appear somewhere on the candidate's profile.

In addition to those pieces of information, you can see the hidden contact information on the right as well as additional social media sources directly below.

Based on what you see here, you can give feedback on each individual candidate. 

“Move to next stage” means “Good fit” and will automatically move the candidate to the “Uncontacted” stage. This is highly recommended because this feedback continues to train the AI on your preferences. 

If a candidate is “Not a fit” it is recommended that you click on the drop down arrow on the right and specify the exact reason why. When selecting this option, the candidate will be automatically moved to the “Archived candidates” section.

Enhanced Candidate View

For a more robust and in-depth view of each candidate you can simply click on their name (highlighted in blue).

In this view, you will be able to see the candidate's summary, current and previous jobs, and additional insights on the right. You can also select “Open profile in a new window” to save this candidate in another tab.

To view more information under their summary or previous jobs you can simply select “More” to expand.

Projects Tab

Under the “Projects” tab you can view what other projects and which stages the candidate belongs to both in Hiretual and the ATS your Hiretual has integrated with. You can also add the candidate from this tab to existing projects or new projects and choose the stages.

Notes Tab & Tag Tab

Under the “Notes” tab and “Tag” tab you can see the notes and tags your teammates have added to this candidate and add your own, which can help you keep track of any important details for your candidates.

Activities Tab

Under the “Activities” tab you can view any other interaction your team may have had with this candidate. You can also add your own Tags or Notes to help keep track of any important details for your candidates. Lastly, you can add a candidate from this tab to existing projects or a new project.

Notice on this more enhanced view that you can also give candidate feedback ("Move to next stage"/ "Not a fit") as well or choose to scroll to the next candidate by clicking “Next.”

Candidate filtering options

Within each project there is an option provided to search for specific keywords in the “Search keywords” bar or using the “More filters” box. The keyword search supports boolean operators as well.

Within the “Candidates” view for an entire project, you also have the option to select a specific AI task. Select the “Sourcing task” option which can be found in the drop down of the "More filters" tab.

If you want to filter out candidates without contact info, you can select the “More filters" and check "Has contact information" or "Has personal email" (for contact information that must have personal emails.

Hiretual Talent Profile

In addition to the broad view and robust profile view, Hiretual also provides a “Talent profile” for each candidate.

Notice the blue Hiretual logo appearing first under the candidates contact info.

Once selected, you will be redirected to their “Talent Profile” where you have the option to export the profile as a PDF resume view.

Note: downloading a PDF with automatically reveal their contact info and consume a credit.

Sort Candidates By:

In addition to searching for keywords or applying filters to your candidate pipeline, you also have the option to sort candidates in different ways.

Notice on the far right if you click: “Sort By: Best Match” a drop down menu will appear where you can sort by Best Match (the search will automatically be sorted this way), Title Relevance, Skill Relevance, Availability, Date Ascending, or Date Descending.

Hiring stages

Within your Hiretual project you have the option to customize your “Hiring Process Template”. In order to modify this you can select the "+" sign located on the far right under “More Filters.”

Once opened, you can select an existing Hiring Process Template located in the drop down menu or you can create a new hiring process template below and customize your stages.

Project details

If you want to make changes to your project, edit the name, add a description, change your Hiring Process Template or add a Hiring manager. Under the main view of your candidate pipeline you can select the “Project Details” option.

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