Often times in recruiting, especially in today’s market with such a low employment rate, it’s common to have to go out of state and expand your search. The hard thing is finding candidates who are “open” to relocating.

In this article I will highlight how you can use Hiretual’s AI sourcing to identify these candidates.

Option #1

I recommend targeting the following phrases in our “Mandatory” keywords section.

Open To Relocation

Open To Relocate

Open To Relocating

Open To Traveling

Open For Relocation

Looking To Relocate

Looking For Relocation

Seeking To Relocate

Seeking Relocation

Available To Relocate

Available For Relocation

Willing To Relocate

Willing To Travel

Interested In Relocating

You can take a step further by specifying your phrases to match certain cities. For example, “Looking to relocate to Los Angeles, CA”

You can then add job titles/related skills/location and any other filters.

When searching globally, there are over 50k candidates that match one or more of these phrases on their public profiles. In the U.S. there are more than 30k.

After clicking “Start Sourcing” you will notice the phrases in the tag section and usually the candidates “Summary” portion.

Option #2

In addition to searching for these phrases in the mandatory skills, you can also target them in the “Job title” filter.

Creating a similar task and focusing on skills may bring another group of candidates in.

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