Option #1

Use our “Sort by availability” filter.

You can locate the “Availability” filter within your project on the far right underneath the “Sort By” drop down.

After doing so, we will sort your project by each candidates availability score. Candidates at the top will have the highest score.

Option #2

Use targeted phrases in the mandatory skills section.

This is also a great way to target candidates who have openly stated somewhere on there public profile that they’re searching for a new job.

I’ve listed a variety of phrases that you can use at the end of this article.

Option #3

Use those same phrases as job titles.

Similar to option #2, although this will capture candidates who state they’re “open” or “looking” in their job title.

Actively Seeking A New Role

Actively Seeking New Job

Actively Seeking New Opportunities

Available For New Contract

Available For New Opportunities

Available For New Opportunity

Looking For A Contract Position

Looking For A Full-Time Position

Looking For A New Opportunity

Looking For New Job

Looking For A New Job

Looking For New Opportunities

Looking For New Opportunity

Looking For A New Role

Open To New Opportunities

Open For New Opportunities

Seeking A New Job

Seeking A Full-Time Position

Seeking New Contract Position

Seeking New Contract Role

Seeking New Job

Seeking New Job Opportunity

Seeking New Opportunities

Seeking New Opportunity

Option #4

If you're still having a hard time finding candidates, you can broaden your search by adding shorter phrases or key terms in the mandatory skills section.

See below:

This should still be accurate and increase your candidate pool drastically. Below is a list of those terms:

Seeking New
Currently Seeking
Looking For
In Search Of
Open To
New Job
Actively Pursuing
Pursuing New
Searching For
New Opportunity
New Opportunities
Available For

Option #5

Put your market knowledge in action. If you are aware of a company/ companies having lay offs, then do a quick search finding candidates from that specific company using the Companies filter.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your TAS manager for more training on this topic.

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