Once you have integrated your email provider with your Hiretual account, you can:

  1. Request a team member to allow you to send emails on their behalf.
  2. Allow another team member to send emails on your behalf. 

Setting Up Email Delegation

Navigate to Settings > Email > Email Delegation to edit delegation settings:

Under Email delegation, click the dropdown on the left to select the name and email of the person you want to send emails on behalf of:

On the right-hand side dropdown, you can grant access to a team member to send emails on your behalf.

Once you’ve selected the names and received approval, your Email Delegation settings will show you the status of each request -- active, requesting, or declined. 

Composing an email on behalf of a team member or hiring manager

When sending an email to a candidate, you will see the option to select the sender for the “From” field: 

All emails generated from their email account will be visible in their inbox. They will take over the conversation as soon as replies from candidates start coming in.

Tracking Opens, Clicks, and Responses

You can view tracking data for the emails triggered from Hiretual (even emails from shared accounts), but cannot view the replies of emails generated from shared email accounts.

Information Security Requirements

  • Without explicit authorization, nobody can send emails on behalf of the Acceptor other than the Requestor.  
  • The Requestor can only send emails on behalf of the Acceptor through Hiretual platform.
  • The Acceptor can always see the content of the email sent by the Requestor in their own email client outbox.  

Email privacy control

  • Hiretual never saves the user’s email login credentials (username/password). Only access token and thread IDs will be saved.
  • No developer can have access to email access token and thread IDs from Hiretual. Only the Hiretual web application has access.
  • Hiretual follows SOC 2 Type I & Type II auditing process.
  • Hiretual can never access and track any emails in the user’s mailbox except the one they send through Hiretual. 
  • Hiretual can never access and track any other user’s emails except the accounts that are integrated with Hiretual. 
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