Before you send out an email, you can edit the time in the editing window. Click on the “Send Later” button at the bottom of the window to schedule a time to send out the email. 

Think about when your target candidates are most active on their cell-phone, and also adjust the time zone to reflect theirs.  Based on our findings, candidates are most likely to check emails during the early morning, lunchtime and late afternoon. Friday afternoon can also be a good time to start your sequence.

Even after an email or sequence scheduled, you can still edit those emails that haven’t been sent out. To edit, click on the “3 dots” right of the sequence name, and click “Edit”.

Repeat the steps above to click on “Send Later” to update the new time to send out the email.

After editing, please go to the last email, and click on “Update sequence” to save the change.

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