Sequencing is an essential part of using the Hiretual Engagement functionality. You can easily create and send a campaign of up to 4 emails scheduled to go out at whichever time you’d like in the future to stay in touch with candidates and remind them of the opportunity for which they’d be a great fit. Once you have sent a sequence, you don’t need to recreate the same sequences over and over again. You can use a great feature in the platform called Cloning a sequence. 

First, head into the Engage tab and go to Tracking. Then click on the 3 dots next to the sequence you’d like to re-use.

You’ll see several options, go ahead and click Clone.

You will then be prompted to select a project and a stage from which you’d like to pull candidates. Typically, this will be a group of candidates from the Uncontacted stage of the AI task you are currently working on. Select the project and stage from the dropdown menus and click Create New Message on the bottom right.

Then, you will see all of the templates you used in your previous engagement automatically populate. 

The send time of the first email will be 5 minutes after you hit send, just like creating a new engagement, but the time between each email sending will be the same as when you initially created the sequence. 

Feel free to edit your messages to play around with new messaging or to help drive higher response rates. This is a great way to A/B test different subject lines or phrases while holding the other elements relatively constant. 

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