Here is how you can do it

Go to engage > Tracking > Choose the email sequence to edit > 

Note: You will notice the status is “Scheduled” and under the emails you will see it as “2 Emails”.

Next, click on the three dots, you will get four options “Cancel, Edit, Clone and Delete”. Click on “Edit”.

Once you click “Edit” it will take you 1st touch and “Follow-up 1

Click on the arrow mark “ >” and you will get an option to “ Add new follow up”

Clicking on “ Add new follow up”, you can add “Follow-up 2 and Follow-up 3” email

Next, click on “Update Sequence”. You will get a quick snapshot of what days and times will the sequence emails be sent. Once you confirm the details, click on “Update Sequence”.

Lastly, in the engagement you will notice, 4 emails instead of 2 emails being sent in the sequence.

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