Best Practices for Security Clearance Search

Option 1: Security Clearance Filter

The first option is using our “Security Clearance” filter. This filter takes keywords/company information and other factors in order to identify cleared candidates.

Under the “Advanced Filters” you can locate this option at the bottom. 

Selecting the given options for clearances/terms, our AI will run a sophisticated search algorithm to identify particular companies that require clearanced candidates.

Each keyword is paired to a list of acronyms/related ways candidates refer to each clearance. For example, Top Secret and Secret refer to TS/SCI.

Option 2: Skills/keyword targeting

The second method you can try is targeting different clearance titles or acronyms in the “related” skills section. The more you can think of the better because if it appears on a candidates profile they will appear. *Notice the “Skills” section on the right side under the “Candidate Insights” tab*

As you can see above, I entered the desired “Job Titles” and “Mandatory Skills” along with some common types of clearances/ways that candidates disclose this information online.

When you click “Start sourcing” and the sample page appears, notice the “Related” skills/tags we entered before. If a candidate doesn’t have the desired skill you can select the drop down arrow next to “Not a fit” and specify that under “Other”.

If you’re going to search for security clearances under “Mandatory skills” I recommend that you use fewer. The more you add, the more restrictive the search becomes in some cases. You can add the technical skills/technologies in the "related" section.

See below: 


Tip for “Mandatory” skills: searching for a few such as Top Secret Clearance, TS/SCI, secret clearance, top secret etc.

Option 3: Company search

The third method you can use to identify candidates with a security clearance that haven’t indicated it publically is by using our “Company filter”.

In this case I compiled a list of companies that typically require a security clearance and used the “Bulk Upload” feature to parse them in. Then I checked the “Only Current Companies” box.

Tip: It doesn’t hurt to include the related keywords from above. Adding related keywords will not eliminate candidates from your searches. 

Another way to do this and achieve similar results is by adding a few companies and selecting the “Extended Search” box. Doing so will search for similar companies.

On the right side, toggle to “Candidate Persona” tab and notice the additional companies. If you want to remove a specific company you can add them to the “Excluded From Companies” filter.


Below are a list of skills/keywords I used as well as the companies.

Top Secret, Top Secret Clearance, Security Clearance, TS Clearance, TS SCI, TS/SCI, TS / SCI, Special Access Program, Full Scope Poly, CI Poly, SSBI, DoD, Special Agent, CISSP, SBI, SCI, SIDA

Some additional ones that may be of use: Single Scope Background Investigation, Sensitive Compartmented Information, Department of Defense, DoD, DIA, NGA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, DHS, Department of Justice, DoJ, FBI, Department of State, DoS, ANACI, Advance National Agency Check with Inquiries, NACLC, National Agency Check with Law and Credit, MBI, Moderate Risk Background Investigation, NACLC, Personal Subject Interview, PRSI, SSBI-PR, SSBI Periodic Reinvestigation, PPR, Phased Periodic Reinvestigation, PRS, Periodic Reinvestigation-Secret, T3, T3R, Tier 3, Tier 3 Reinvestigation, T5, T5R, Tier 5, Tier 5 Reinvestigation, Yankee White, CI, FSP, FS, LS, Lifestyle Poly, Interim Top Secret, Interim TS / SCI, IRS - MBI, ISSA / CISSP, NAC, NASA, NATO

Companies for Bulk Upload - Copy/Paste

Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman Corporation
BAE Systems
General Dynamics
General Dynamics Mission Systems
Northrop Grumman
EADS, Finmeccanica
L-3 Communications
L3 Technologies
CGI Inc.
United Technologies
KEYW Corporation
Huntington Ingalls Corporation
Booz Allen Hamilton
Harris Corporation
Textron Inc.
GE Aviation
Orbital ATK
Rockwell Collins
Aerojet Rocketdyne
Oshkosh Defense
DynCorp International
Moog Inc.
Day & Zimmerman

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your TAS manager for more training on this topic.

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