We hear a lot of questions on how to “edit” or “make changes” to your search.

There can be a variety of reasons you would want to do so. Maybe the first 50 candidates are “off track” or missing the desired skills.

Maybe you simply forgot to add a specific filter or want to loosen the requirements and want to go back to modify.

Or in many cases, maybe the search was good but you want to replicate it in a different location or add a few changes to bring in another batch of similar candidates.

In this series I want to highlight how to do so by using our “Create a similar task” feature.

After completing an AI task in the candidate pipeline stage, click on the “Sourcing” tab in between “Candidates” and “Project Details”

Once in the sourcing tab, locate the “Create a similar task” option in between “Source More” and “Task Details”

Opening this will be you bring back to your original search where you can make changes.

After doing so you can click “Start Sourcing” and the additional search will automatically be added to your existing project.

You will be prompted to give feedback on 5 candidates and then begin your search. Afterwards, notice your 2nd search will appear above the first.

You can rename this if you would like and even delete the previous search if needed. *Click the 3 dots next to “Task Details”*

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your TAS manager for more training on this topic.

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