Hiretual focuses on delivering you top candidates first rather than thousands. For each AI task, by default, we will deliver you the best 50 candidates first.

It doesn’t stop there. Hiretual works best by teaching your personal AI on which candidates are “Good fits” or not. As it learns, it will be able to provide more relevant matches when you "source more."

In this series, I’m going to cover how to source for more qualified candidates.

To get started, first  create an AI search. Then, give feedback on the 5 sample set candidates.

If they look good, then click "Start Sourcing." Here, Hiretual will provide you with the best 50 candidates based on your search parameters and feedback. 

Next, go through the first 50 candidates and continue to provide feedback as it will train the AI. If the search is on point and yielding the right types of candidates, we recommend reviewing all of them and giving specific feedback. (If not, you can create a similar task). 

“Move to next stage” equals “Good fit” and “Not a fit” archives them. 

*Tip: use the drop down arrow to designate the exact reason why the candidate is not a fit.

After you’ve gone through and reviewed all of the candidates and you want more. You can simply go to the “Sourcing” tab.

From there you will select “Source More” in between “See Candidates” and “Create a similar task”

From the “Source More” screen you will have the option to search from 10 - 300 additional candidates.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your TAS manager for more training on this topic.

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