Once you finish reviewing the sample candidates, you’ll have access to the candidate’s profile information. You can see who your candidates are and information enriched by Hiretual’s intelligence system. 

Candidate list view

By default, the system illustrates the candidate in a list that sorts by "Best match." You also have five other options to sort candidates by:

  • Title relevance
  • Skill relevance
  • Availability 
  • Date: Ascending
  • Date: Descending

Note: ‘"Best match" will sort based on an intelligent scoring system that is considering all factors including skills, title, and other search requirements. 

The list view will show you the most two recent titles with the two highest degrees, plus relevant skills you asked on the search.  

You can click on the candidate’s name to see more detail. 

Candidate resume view

The resume view provides more granular information including publications, GitHub performance, and Hiretual’s Insights.

The Insights is generated by predictive modeling. There are insights provided for Availability, Average Market Value, and Expertise.  

  • Availability: Driven by the candidate’s behavior on how often they change jobs or  companies. Many other factors include company layoffs, stock performance, macroeconomics, etc.
  • Average Market Value: This number is base salary, not the total compensation. It’s entirely based on prediction related to the cost of living, title, years of working experience, and current company.
  • Expertise: This information is based on two factors: skills and job responsibility. 

You can gather a ton of information that can help you better understand the candidates, and present it to hiring managers or team members if you'd like.

Download/Export resume, and edit resume

Lastly, you can click on ‘Open profile in a new window’ to download a PDF resume.

There will be a big blue button on the top left of the screen showing ‘Export as PDF’ that allows you to download the file. 

Along with this, you can edit the resume by clicking on  


 to enrich the profile. The information edited by you will always be shared within the team.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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