You can go to the email tracking function located in the “Engage” tab here:

Once your email campaign is sent out, Hiretual starts to track data to help you better understand the performance for each email campaign.

For best practices, we recommend you to check data for every email campaign, and get an idea of time and template that have relatively better open rate and response rate. The engagement tracking provides you the insight to further help inform your future engagement strategy.

Hiretual’s engagement tracks data by email campaign, no matter if it's a single email or email sequence, and no matter if it's an email to a single candidate or candidate group.

In order to get a more comprehensive view of your email campaign, simply click on the blue “Engagement Name”.

Once in an engagement, you can see the overall performance or break it down to every email (eg, you’ll have multiple emails if the engagement is an email sequence). Furthermore, click on “View Details” button on the top right to view email content and time for this engagement. 

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