You can go to the email tracking function located in the “Engage” tab here:

Once your email campaign is sent out, Hiretual starts to track data to help you better understand the performance for each email campaign.

For best practices, we recommend you to check data for every email campaign, and get an idea of the times and templates that have relatively better open and response rates. The engagement tracking provides you the insight to further help inform your future engagement strategy.

Hiretual’s engagement tracks data by email campaign, no matter if it's a single email or email sequence, and no matter if it's an email to a single candidate or candidate group.

Track Email Sequences: 

Go to the Engage and click "Sequences." Here you can view all email sequence templates. To track the email sequence, simply click on the email sequence you'd like to view.

Once you have selected which email sequence you would like to view, you will be directed to the page below. 

Here you will find the following;

Sequence status

  • All Recipients: The total number of recipients receiving the email sequence 
  • In Progress: The number of recipients in progress of receiving complete email sequence
  • Completed: The number of recipients who have received complete email sequence

Sequence Tracking

  • Delivered: The number of email sequences delivered
  • Opened: The number and percentage of recipients who have opened your email sequence
  • Clicked: The number and percentage of recipients who have clicked a link from your email sequence
  • Replied: The number and percentage of recipients who have replied to your email sequence
  • Bounced: The number and percentage of emails that have bounced

You have the option to filter the metrics by specific emails within an email sequence. In the picture above, we see that we can filter it by: All steps, 1st touch, Follow up 1, and Follow up.


  • You can view tracked data for each recipient. You will be provided the recipient name, their status of the email sequence (Scheduled, Cancelled, Finished, Bounced), the last step, when the last email was sent, when the next email is scheduled, and finally if the recipient has opened, clicked, and/or replied to your email sequence.
  • You have an option to search for specific recipients. 
  • You can "Stop Sending" your email sequence to one, selected, or all recipients.
  • You can Personalize, Stop Sending, or Remove specific recipients by clicking on the three horizontal dots on the right.

Track Single Template: 

Go to the Engage and click "Templates." Here you can view all single email templates. 

You can search for templates based on Owner, or search for Template Names or Subject. 

Here, you can view how many messages were delivered, the number and percent were opened, the number and percentage of emails clicked, the number and percentage of emails replied.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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