Hiretual offers the solution to engage and emailing candidates individually or in bulk. You can integrate work email on Hiretual to provide the seamless experience towards candidate engagement.    

To engage candidate, you have the options to choose from a single email or email sequence. Single email engagement is like “slacking off” emailing practice similar to the idea of “post and pray” which you send out one email and hope the great candidates responding to it. Email sequence enables you to have storytelling and more touchpoint to better engage with the candidate.

The engagement system is very powerful and here are a few highlights: 

  • Customized variables : The variables offers the capability to customize bulk-email into a personalized email when you send to more than one candidate(up to 200 candidates per sending). You can personalize first_name, full_name, or company. 
  • Schedule email: You can customize the email with time zone difference and scheduling the best time to send. 
  • Follow-up emails automation: Email sequence enables three pre-programmed follow-up emails, which you can customized email content to tell the story about company vision, job role, company achievement, company culture, or perks. The follow-up email triggers when the candidate is not responding to the previous message.
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