Hiretual helps you manage candidate pipelines by offering sourcing and hiring stages. 

Each stage helps you navigate and understand the process of the candidate life cycle. The Admin user can edit and update the hiring process with customized workflows. 

Below are some basic stages;

New: Candidates that need to reviewed for basic screening. 

Uncontacted: Candidates that have passed basic screening and are ready to be engaged via phone or email. You can manually move the candidate by clicking on "Move to next stage" or the "Move to" feature.

Contacted: Candidates that have been contacted via Hiretual’s Engage system.
Hiretual’s Engage system will track your activity automatically moving a candidate to the Contacted stage once an email has been sent via Hiretual's email integration. If you choose to, you have to option to manually move the candidates by clicking on the "Move to" feature. 

Replied: Candidates that reply to your engagement email(s). Hiretual will track email activity and automatically move candidates that have replied via engagement email to the Replied Stage. Again, if you choose to, you can manually move the candidate by clicking on the "Move to" feature.

Admin users can add additional stages to create a workflow that works best for the
team or map everything towards an ATS/CRM.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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