Hiring processes can help you better organize your candidates within a project beyond the Reply stage. You can see what one of these looks like by checking out the top row inside of one of your Projects:

You can customize these stages to best fit your internal process. Whether you want to track candidates you have exported into your ATS, or if you want to organize candidates to remember that you have reached out through other channels, custom hiring processes are easy to make and can really help you understand your pipeline very quickly.

To start, you have two hiring processes that we give you by default: Default Sourcing and Default Hiring. They can be found in Settings -> Hiring Process

You can create a new hiring process by clicking "Add New Hiring Process" on the top right corner, and customize your own! You can quickly add in the new stages, and name your new hiring process to apply to your workflow.

Once you have done so, you can quickly apply this to existing projects by heading into Project Details, 

Or add it to a project you are creating from the project creation window:

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