If your current ATS/CRM can't be integrated with Hiretual, the best alternative is to create a customized .csv template to easily export candidate data from Hiretual and then upload the .csv file to your ATS/CRM. Before creating your own export template, please make sure:

  1. Your ATS/CRM supports .csv file upload
  2. What columns are required by your ATS/CRM 

Currently, this function is only enabled for Hiretual Pro Admin. If you are a Hiretual Pro user and would like to have a customized export template, please contact your team admin.

To customize a .csv template, please go to Settings-Integrations-Export Templates: https://app.hiretual.com/settings/integration/export

Please click on "Create customized template" on the top left.

In this page, you can then edit your export template.

  1. Template Name: Name your template for your reference. This is a required filed. You’ll not be able to save it if leaving it blank.
  2. ATS Name: Put the ATS name here if you create this export template specifically for an ATS. This is an optional field and you can leave it blank.
  3. Drag those fields you’d like to include in this template from “All fields” (left) to “Fields to Export” (right): You have to drag at least one field from left to right. You can include as many fields as you like in “Fields to Export.”
  4. Click “Save template” on the bottom right to save the export template you created.

After saving the export template, you can then go to your Hiretual project and download candidates using this template.




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