There are many possible ATS or CRM integrations available with Hiretual today and they are ever-expanding! You can see the full list of available direct integrations by heading to Settings -> Integrations in your account.

Each live integration has two links associated; one is for the integration tutorial (in red below), which you will need to read through to get everything integrated, and the other is a gear that can say one of two words, "Configure" or "Details" (in green below). If it says "Details," then your ATS is already integrated and you can head back into sourcing! If it says "Configure," then it is not yet integrated, and you should go through the tutorial. 

Once you are integrated, you can then begin exporting candidates from Hiretual into your ATS. Go into the project you’d like to get candidates from and select all on the top left. There will be an option to Sync/Export at the top which you can click.

This will allow you to select your ATS from a list and go through the process for your specific ATS.

After you have done this once, your ATS will then show up at the top of this list! The candidates will then be accessible inside of your system. 

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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