Group creation is a great way for a Hiretual Administrator to affect and apply certain criteria to a collection or collections of users. To create a group, head into your Hiretual account and go into Settings -> Groups -> Create a Group

This will take you to a window where you can enter a group name a description, as well as select to add members to that group now or later.

Then select the members who you’d like in this group

Once you have created the group, you will be able to Add Members or Edit the basic company info (red) as well as see which Group Features the team currently has as Enforced or On (green). You can also edit the feature access directly from this screen (orange).

If you click into Edit Group Feature Access (orange above), you can change the 4 elements that comprise the restrictions on the group. These restrictions are:

  1. Hiring Process Template: See 19 for more details
  2. Diversity Search: Turn on or of your team’s ability to search for specific diversity criteria within the AI Sourcing form. You can also enable Blind Diversity Search, which allows your team to search for diversity candidates, but not use specific diversity criteria (female, hispanic, etc.). 
  3. Security Clearance Search: Turn on or off your team’s ability to search for specific clearances within the AI Sourcing form.
  4. Export Candidate Templates: See 18-2-2 for more details.
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