You can locate the toolbox here:

Our Toolbox is collection of Hiretual features including: Cross Reference, Boolean Builder, Github Search, Facebook Search, and Import Candidates option.

Cross Reference

This feature is an open web search that allows you to search for any employee or candidate. For ideal results it is recommended to input two characteristics such as name, company, title, or location. Once the candidate is found you can preview their profile by clicking on their name and also add them to an existing project.

Boolean builder

There are three options that can be used:

Quick mode - Use the quick mode to instantly generate a prebuilt boolean string corresponding to the job title.

Smart mode - Customize the search criteria with what you like to find.

JD mode - Parsing job description information by nature language processing technology, and start you search from there.

Github Search

You can run a Github search to find talents, this applies mostly to developers. The search can be run using the language, location, followers and repositories.

For “Talent” search, you can select the desired languages in the drop down as well as location. You can also filter by how many followers and repositories the candidate has on GitHub.

For the “Repository” option you are able to search by keywords, language as well as filter by stars, forkers and when the code was created and/or last updated. 

Note: there is no location option here since repositories are shared by Github users in various locations.


If you have a pre-existing list of candidates that you would like to import into Hiretual to refresh you can do so through this option. Your file will need to be in either CSV/XLSV or XLS format and include either an email address or social url(s) such as a LinkedIn profile link. Before you upload, you can also select if you’d like to upload it to an existing project or create a new one.

After you import and match all the .csv headers with the Hiretual field names then select “Review Import."

Next, you will be asked to review the fields and “Confirm and submit.” After doing so, the import process will begin refreshing your data and adding the candidates to the project you chose.

Upon completion you will receive an email.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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