Sample-set candidate page

This is a very crucial stage before the AI goes out to deliver top-matched candidates. Even before the sourcing begins, you will be presented with up to 5 sample candidates to review. This is the stage where we want you as the user to train the AI. Based on what you see here, where the sample profiles are a good fit, you are basically telling the system to provide you with more candidates similar to the “Good Fit” candidate feedback. 

By reviewing the sample candidates and selecting ‘Good fit’ or ‘Not a fit’ you will be improving the machine learning process which will ultimately lead to the top-matched candidates you’re looking for.

While reviewing the sample set, you can see whether the candidates have mandatory or related skills, and these will appear below. In addition, you will also see the latest two companies they have worked, a brief summary and the location they reside as well.

Once you review and pick, simply click on “start” to start your sourcing.

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