To set up your email signature, please go to Settings -> Email, or click on Scroll down to see the email signature window as shown below:

1. Copy & Paste

Simply copy your current email signature from your email settings and paste it here. 

Make sure that the characters and images in your signature are accurately displayed.

2. Upload an image

If an image in your email signature doesn’t display correctly by copying and pasting, you are able to directly upload images by clicking “insert/edit image” button (indicated via red box in picture below). 

In the popped-up window, click “Upload” to upload the image. After the image uploaded, you’ll automatically be directed to “General." Here, you can edit the dimensions of the image you have uploaded. After uploading and editing your image, click “Ok."

Adjust the size of the image you’ve uploaded to better fit your email signature.

3. Save your email signature

To save your email signature, click “Save” at the bottom right.

]A "Success" message will pop up on the top right indicating that your email signature has been successfully set up.

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