To create an email template, please go to Engage -> Templates or click here:

Create a brand new email template

Click “Create a template” on the top right.

In the next page, you can create and edit the email template and save it for future use.

  1. Name: Name the template for your own record. 
  2. Subject: This is the subject line candidates see when emailing them using this template. Note: you will not be able to save a new template without a Name and Subject Line. 
  3. Variables (indicated in picture above via red box): To create personalize and effective email templates, click on the variables button to insert variables into the body of your email template. In the screenshot above, the variable {{%firstname%}} will automatically insert the first name of the candidate(s) you email.
  4. Continue to edit the content and formatting of your email template until satisfied.
  5. To save the template click “Save” at the bottom right.

After clicking “Save," a window will pop up providing you with an option of whether you’d like to share the template with your team. Click an option and then click "Save" to save your setting for this template.

Customize your email template based on Hiretual’s preloaded template

Hiretual has 10 preloaded email templates for you. If you don't know how to create an email template, we recommend you starting with one of Hiretual’s preloaded templates.

To start off, please go through these 10 email templates and select the one you'd like to use. Click the 3 dots on right of that Hiretual template, click on “View/Edit” to edit (or view).

  1. Name: Change the name of the template for what best suits your needs.
  2. Subject: Edit it the Subject Line to better represent the position(s) you are recruiting for.
  3. Edit the email content by replacing the highlighted areas with what is relevant for you. For example, you should replace [company name] with the name of company you are recruiting for.
  4. It is highly recommended that you personalize Hiretual's emails templates to be in line with your hiring needs.
  5. When satisfied, click “Save” at the bottom right to save the template.

Please reach out to [email protected] or directly contact your Customer Success Manager for more training on this topic.

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