Instead of going back to the AI Sourcing tab to start the search from scratch, we have introduced a feature called “Create a Similar Task”, which can be used to make any changes or modifications to your search task.

You can locate the “Create a similar task” option in between “Source More” and “Task Details” inside your sourcing task. 

Clicking on this will copy your search and bring you back to Sourcing where you can make edits and modifications. 

After making your edits, click on “Start Sourcing” and the changes made to this will automatically be added to your existing project, or you can save to a new project. You will again be prompted to provide feedback for the sample candidates (Up to 5), and once you provide the feedback you can click to begin your similar search task. 

If saved to the same project, you will notice that your 2nd search will appear above the first. You can then go ahead and rename this by clicking the pencil symbol by the name, or even delete the previous search if needed by clicking the 3 dots next to “Task Details."

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