Tags are similar to Notes except that they’re limited to 25 characters. You can group tag multiple candidates for things like highlighting their availability status for those who may be asking to be reached out 3-months later or candidates who would make a great fit for a different role. 

Tags can be visible across the user group, and it’s a great feature for team collaboration. 

How to tag candidates

To tag candidate simply click "Add Tag" and input the information that you like to associate with the candidate.

You can tag a group of candidates by multi-selecting the box and there will be tag function pop-up on the top.  

You can view the tags within the candidate profile by click on ‘Activities’ next to ‘Details’. 

Useful tags to create 

The tags you create should be specific to your team workflow. Here are some ideas to get you started:

InMail - If you are already in conversation with a candidate via InMail, and you want to prevent duplicated candidate engagement. You can update this tag whenever the conversation is over.

Do Not Contact - You can tag the candidate based on what you need to follow via CRM/ATS notes. 

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