With Hiretual you can identify an individuals contact information, find out the email domain, if it is an outdated email, and if it's been viewed by someone else on the team. Below, we’ll show you how to verify all of this before taking actions.

Knowing what should be the right expectation

Before you click on the email address, you need to be clear on what’s the candidate’s current company. You should able to review that information via Profile and draw a conclusion if the email domain is reflecting the current company. More frequently, Hiretual will provide a personal email address with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast, etc… You can always verify by following the steps (View profile > Click on contact information) before using the contact finding credit. 

Understanding how contact finding credits work

Sharing contact finding credits is like sharing a data plan within your family, but better. The contact finding credits are shared among your team and a credit is only deducted when revealing a unique candidate's contact information for the first time. The revealed contact is permanently shared among the group. Please reference the screenshot above showing ****gmail.com in comparison with [email protected].

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