Hiretual’s AI Sourcing Solution can be used in a multitude of ways which will all be covered in this article including adding search terms to predetermined fields, parsing a resume or job description, and refreshing candidate data from your existing database through our import function.

AI Sourcing - Field Search
Job Titles:

When entering the job title of the position you’re working on you can begin by typing in the ‘Job Titles’ field and you’ll notice recommendations will automatically populate in the drop down menu. The best practice is to select the relevant term from the drop down menu by clicking on it.

Once you select one or more job titles to search for, you will notice other similar job titles appear below. You can easily add more job titles to your search by clicking on the term in a blue box with a + symbol next to it. Clicking these recommended similar titles will add them to your search.

On the right hand side of the screen you will notice multiple analytics that will help you with your search, these bar graphs are called “Candidate Insights” and show you at the top how many candidates are in the talent pool and below are all the different Titles, Skills, Locations, Years of Experience, Industries, and Sourcing Channels your search parameters will analyze once you start sourcing.

One thing to review before moving on is clicking on ‘Candidate Persona’ which can be found right above the number of candidates in the pool. In this tab, you can review exactly what Hiretual will be searching for. The best practice recommendation is to work back and forth between inputting your key terms on the left, and reviewing what our ‘AI’ will identify as similar terms to analyze the open web for candidates.


With just the job titles added, you will notice relevant search terms auto-populate in the Skills section under ‘Mandatory Skills’ and ‘Related Skills’. You can easily add these search terms to these sections as well by clicking on them.

You can also type your own terms into these fields and select from the drop down menu. You’ll notice that the recommended, clickable search terms below will be updated with every new term you add to these sections.

What is the difference between ‘Mandatory’ and ‘Related’ Skills? Mandatory Skills have a higher priority in the search than Related Skills, and the candidates who have the most Mandatory Skills in their profile will show up at the top of your search. As you continue to source more candidates, Hiretual will relax these requirements. Let’s say you put five mandatory skills in and start searching. The first candidates will have the highest combination of the Mandatory Skills and as you continue to look through the candidates Hiretual will deliver those candidates who have most but not all of the Mandatory Skills for your review. That way we are not eliminating any potentially fitting candidates. The recommendation is to only put your ‘Must-Have’ skills in the Mandatory section, and ‘Nice-to-haves’ in the Related section to get the best results.

Remember to review your search parameters in ‘Candidate Persona’ before moving forward to ensure the best quality results. You will notice it updated with the new terms.


Hiretual will search for candidates according to the location you input in this field.

You can search by City, State, Country, Metro Area, or ZIP/Postal Code.

Hiretual will prioritize those candidates within a 15 mile radius first, and slowly begin to expand the results to a 50 mile radius.

Years of Experience:

You can easily include the years of ‘Post-Graduation’ experience you’d like to add by clicking on the buttons below this field with blue text and + symbols.

Advanced Filters:

Here is where the power of ‘Candidate Persona’ really comes into play and how you can tweak the results of your search and verify exactly what Hiretual will be searching for.

In ‘Candidate Persona’ under ‘Work Experience’, you can review all of the ‘Working titles’ that Hiretual will search the open web for.

If there’s anything you want to be required in the job title, include that term under ‘Included in Current Title’ and you’ll notice the ‘Working titles’ list will only show titles that have that term in it.

Similarly, if you see anything in the ‘Working titles’ you’d like to remove, you can do so by typing that into ‘Excluded From Current Title’.

The Seniority function is a drop down menu where you can select a candidate’s experience level from Junior to Executive and everything in between.

If you’d like to search for candidates who work at a specific company you can include it in the ‘Companies’ Section. Once you type in a company name you have the option to search for candidates who currently work there by clicking the checkbox by ‘Only Current Companies’, otherwise it will look for people who currently or previously work there.

An easy way to save hours of research building company lists is by clicking the checkbox by ‘Extended Search’. Upon clicking that, you’ll notice under ‘Candidate Persona’ that the list of companies will grow and include any relevant companies to the one(s) you input in the Companies field.

You will also notice a ‘Bulk Upload’ function. If you already have a list of companies ready you can click on bulk upload and input all of those company names in there delimited by a semicolon or a new line and all of those names will populate into the company search.

Similar to the Company search, you can also exclude certain companies from your results in the ‘Excluded From Companies’ field by typing in the companies you would like to be removed from the results. Clicking the checkbox will only omit candidates who currently work there, if you uncheck the box it will omit candidates who also worked there in the past.

Industry - You can select from the drop-down menu any specific industry. Please keep in mind that this is based on what the candidate puts in their profile, so a best practice would be to use the Industry function if you’re not already narrowing down by company search.

Education - You can select the Level of Education by clicking the drop-down menu under “Education Level” and select anything from Bachelor’s and above to PhD.

Searching by College Major is easy, simply type the Major you want to source for and click the checkbox by Extended Search and review the list in Candidate Persona. You will notice the list expand to include all relevant terms for that major.

You can also search by School/University. By clicking on Extended search you will find more schools at the same level. For example, if you type in Harvard and click on Extended search, you will find other Ivy League schools.

Diversity - Select from the drop-down menu for your specific Diversity Initiative.

Security Clearance - click the checkbox to only include candidates who have some type of Security Clearance.

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