In Smart Mode, you can add job title like "Software Engineer" and skills you want potential candidates to have, such as "Java" and "Python."

You can also add the industry and the location. In this example, we want to find candidates in Computer Games' industry living in San Jose.  Additionally, you can include or exclude title of potential candidates.

Next step is to click the platform you want to search. We use AngelList as an example here.

After you click "Search,"  it will generate a list of potential candidates listed in Google search page (if you use AngelList as the platform). You can choose one person and click into their AngelList profile page.

Remember to click Hiretual's extension in Chrome. Sometimes, we can't gather enough information on the potential candidates in some platforms. We should then use Cross Reference in Hiretual's chrome extension to gather more information on the candidates. After finding the potential candidates in cross reference, click into their Hiretual profiles.

Now you can see candidates' overall information.

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