The first thing you need to do is to input the expertises or job titles of potential candidates.

In this example, we want to find candidates who work as software engineers. After you input job title, Hiretual will form an auto-populated boolean string.

Next step is to click one of the platforms you want to search. We use LinkedIn as an example here.

However, if you are doing this search for the first time, there might be nothing showing up because there will be a pop-up blocked window. You just need to choose the first option and this problem will be solved.

After you click "Search" and solve the potential pop-up problem, there will be a LinkedIn search result page (If you use LinkedIn as your chosen platform). Choose one person and go on their LinkedIn profile page.

Remember to check Hiretual's Extension in Chrome. You can find this candidate's email and phone number. You can put this candidate into your recruitment project.

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