What is it?

Talent Persona and Market Insights were designed to help our clients analyze data on potential candidates. This information allows them to pivot where necessary based on what is working and what isn’t. You can never have too much information about a potential candidate pool for a search you are conducting. 

With Candidate Insights, you can now visualize critical data related to your talent pool in real-time as you construct your search. See the most common job titles, compatible skills, locations, years of experience, and number of candidates that fit your requirements, instantly.

Here are a few ways this feature can benefit your project.

Candidate Insights

 - Tune your AI sourcing with actionable insights and instantly visualize your talent pool. Imagine being able to seeing what cities candidates with your desired skill sets are primarily located in before doing any sourcing? Intelligently give advice to your clients on whether they will need to consider offering relocation, among other things, to find the candidate they are looking for. 

Candidate Persona

 - Peek inside the AI engine and take unprecedented control of your search. Get an inside look of different aspects of the ideal candidate with the job title and skills you are looking for. This is the largest and most advanced AI knowledge graph in HR Tech. Who doesn’t want to be on the forefront for amazing technology?

Market Insights

 - Real-time market insights and competitive analysis for your talent acquisition research and strategy. Be able to more accurately explain the current market for the role to your clients. This information could help you devise a recruiting methods that is proactive, rather than reactive. Imagine setting expectations upfront for the complexity of finding what they are looking for. Not only will you be conducting an effective search, your clients will see you as a true SME with the data to back you up. 

How do I use it?

First you will need to create a project, or open a project that has already been created. Once you create a project, you will be able to begin using Talent Persona and Market Insights. Within your project, click on the Sourcing link at the top of the page. This will take to the below screen, where you will select AI Sourcing - Create an AI Sourcing Task. 

Next, you will enter the title of the job you are looking for. This will bring in additional, similar titles and give you an insight into the potential candidate pool as shown below. Right away you can see a ton of candidate information, all based on a job title. 

To get more specifics on the exact talent pool you are looking for, start adding in mandatory skills. As you do this, the Candidate Insights will adjust to show you the pool with the title you have input that also have the required skills you need. 

As you can see below, the numbers in each area shifted drastically when we input Aws and Kpi as mandatory skills. You will want to be sure to only put mandatory skills here or your results will be quite small. 

To view the Candidate Persona information, click on the button above the candidate amount, next to the Candidate Insights button. This will take you to a resume type view of the candidate pool. There are several sections where you can input data to alter the candidate profile including skills, major, and diversity. 

In the “Major” section, you can also choose to extend your search to include similar degrees. This will allow you to have significantly more candidates that fit the criteria. To do this, just click “Extended Search” in the box next to the Major section. 

This could be a good way to let the hiring team know they could open their candidate pool much wider by being a bit more open on the specific degree type. This section will also show you specific schools the candidates are coming from. The extended search option is also in the Companies section, in case you have a target company but want to look at similar companies as well. 

How do I see the specific candidates?

To find the specific candidates, you will need to do a full sourcing campaign. The Candidate Insight and Persona feature is available to give you a high level overview, but you are unable to click on these data points to feed directly to live candidates. 

Market Insights

To see specific market information, you can click the “Insights” tab on the left hand side of the tool. Fill in the criteria on the left, shown below to see information about the Top Titles, Companies and more that have the information you are looking for. Once you are finished entering the criteria, click the “Generate Candidates” button to have insights generated. 

What if I want to hide the information?

If you want to temporarily hide this information, click on the “Disable Persona” button above the Job Title section. To add it back, click the same button and it will immediately reappear. 

Problems with Talent Persona or Market Insights?

If you have any questions, please contact Hiretual’s support team at [email protected] or use the intercom channel to talk with us. 

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