What are integrations?

Integration functionality helps you connect with tools that you are already using into the Hiretual platform. This helps the two systems talk to each other so that it makes your life just a little easier. One is the biggest integrations, is Email integration. This allows Hiretual to send out emails while tracking opens, clicks, and replies. This helps you see which emails are actually getting you a response so you can alter your methods if needed. Tracking is an important feature for Recruiters overall success rates.


You might see a message like this: "I allow Hiretual to read, send, delete and manage my email." The message is a default requirement enforced by Gmail/Outlook. 


What exactly does allowing Hiretual to send email on my behalf mean?

Hiretual here is a platform that makes it possible to send emails on your behalf to candidates directly from the Hiretual platform. This prevents the extra step of having to log into your email account to send the email to the candidate from that platform. Integration is saving you a step to increase your efficiency. The email will always be sent out from the user’s email address and users can only integrate one email with one Hiretual account at one time. 

Candidate push

Hiretual seamlessly pushes sourced candidates to your ATS/CRM to streamline your hiring process. This makes it easy to use Hiretual with additional systems you are required to use. This avoids you having to manually add your candidate to the ATS/CRM, which ultimately saves you time and sanity. 

Candidate importing

Import and refresh candidates from your database to quickly fill your pipeline by re-discovering great candidates you already know. Never lose a qualified candidate again!

Hiretual's partners

Hiretual has partnerships with most popular ATS/CRM systems. Below is a screenshot of all the systems we currently have partnerships with. If yours isn’t on the list, let us know!

ATS/CRM Integration:

Hiretual’s partnership integration enables you transferring data to ATS/CRM within a few clicks, and keep all data in the central system. Forget having to maneuver through several systems. Let Hiretual work for you and make the process as seamless as possible. 

Problems with Integration?

IT problems happen, don’t fret! The first step is to reach out to your company’s IT administrator. This will ensure the problem is on our end. If it is still not working, please contact Hiretual’s support team at [email protected] or use the intercom channel to talk with us. We will get it all figured out so you can get those candidates submitted!

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