What is Social Search?

The Social search tool is a fantastic way to find passive candidates that aren’t actively looking for a new role. LinkedIn is not the only social platform where you can find candidates for your open roles. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, and GitHub are awesome resources and have millions of users that may have the skillset for your role. 


The problem is that on a lot of these sites, users personal details may be hidden unless you connect with them on the platform. Chances are that you don’t want to personally connect with every single potential candidate you have. It takes an immense amount of time to search and find a candidates contact details. The great news is that Hiretual can help you find contact details and help engage with these potential candidates through our Hiretual Chrome Extension. 


How do you do that?

To access the Social Search, you first need to make sure you have the Hiretual Chrome Extension downloaded. Downloading the extension is easy, you can do it through the Chrome Store Link. Once you have the extension downloaded, open it up and select the social site you would like to use it with. Below we go into detail on the two most popular platforms you can use Hiretual with, Facebook  and GitHub.


Facebook Search

Facebook has millions of users that can definitely be tapped into for sourcing. Take the guesswork out of finding candidates on Facebook by using the Hiretual extension. Once you have the extension open, select the Facebook Search link.


Choose whether you want your keywords to be Mandatory or Optional. Anything you enter in the Mandatory field will be included in your results. Remember that you are excluding anyone that does not have these words in their profile. Optional keywords will be included in your search as well, but your results will also include profiles that do not contain these words. You can choose both mandatory and optional keywords for your search as well. 


Some ideas for types of keywords are job title and location. Within the tool, you can also select the time frame for that selection. Ie. Select the present, if you want the candidate to be actively present in that particular keyword. This prevents you getting results of Engineers from 10 years ago that are now doing something completely different and are likely not the profile you are interested in.  


Once you have all your optional and mandatory keywords set, click the “Search Talent Now” button at the bottom of the page to see your results.


The tool also gives you the option for Sample Searches if you need some inspiration. To select this option, click on the Sample Searches link at the top of the page. Review the samples to see previous searches that may also work for you. 


When you see a profile that looks interesting, you then have a few options. You can select “find work emails” to get additional contact information for them. Additionally, you can add them to your pipeline within the Hiretual tool. Within Pipeline you add them to a project, add tags, or add notes.




GitHub Search

GitHub is a social platform known for its tech talent. Hiretual makes it easy to search for this profile on the GitHub site. Within the Hirtual extension under the GitHub Search Link, there are two different ways to search, Talent and Repository, which we will go into below. 


Github Talent Search

1. Search for tech talent by opening the Hiretual extension in Github

2. Select the required Languages and Location, “Followers” & “Repositories” aren’t mandatory.

3. Click “Search Talent Now”

Github Talent Search Results

1. Results will appear in GitHub with desired skills in the search bar

2. You can adjust filters within GitHub

3. Click on a candidate’s name, then open HT extension to analyze profile/uncover contact info


1. After clicking on a Github users name you will be redirected to their profile

2. Open the Hiretual extension to analyze the candidate's profile & uncover contact info and additional social links.

3. Our extension will also give you insight into their experience, GitHub performance & what languages they are most proficient in.


Github Repository Search

1. Search for shared code repositories within Github.

2. You can select relevant keywords that will appear on users profile as well as languages they are coding in.

3. Click “Search Talent Now”


Github Repository results

1. Repository results appear with Github usernames first. Ex: Yorko/mlcourse.ai

2. You can also filter results, or click on the “Users” tab

3. Click on user/username, then open HT extension to analyze their profile

Problems with Social Search?

If you have any questions, please contact Hiretual’s support team at [email protected] or use the intercom channel to talk with us. 

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