What is the AI Sourcing Tool?

Hiretual’s has a one of a kind AI tool that sources 35+ platforms to bring all of the most relevant, up to date information about each and every candidate. Our machine learning allows the AI to learn and also predict what you’re looking for so when you’re candidate results are in - they’re the best out there and tailored to your needs.

The AI sourcing tool is exceptionally precise and will be a game changer in your recruiting game. Forget searching endlessly on Google with complicated Boolean strings. The Sourcing Tool is easy to use and will produce results that you never would have been able to find otherwise. It also allows you to keep projects organized with several searches all in one location. 

Build candidate personas easily:

Hiretual suggests the most relevant job titles, skills, and other search factors. Take the guesswork on what additional titles and skills would be similar to what the hiring manager has provided. Quickly build candidate personas that your hiring manager will love.

Source candidates across the Internet: 

Hiretual sources from 700M+ professional profiles across 30+ public platforms and the open web. 

Single out the best-matched candidates:

Hiretual prioritizes the best matches based on 100+ factors to ensure your top results are the best.


See candidates from 360 degrees

Hiretual analyzes candidate profiles and provides insights on professional experience, expertise, availability, and market value.

How Do I Use The Tool?

To begin using the AI tool the first step you will need to take is to start a new project. To do this, log into your dashboard and select the Projects tab on the left-hand side. Next, you will select the blue tab on the far right-hand side labeled “Create a project”.

From there, you will build your project and add in all the details of the project you are working on. Starting a project allows you to keep your searches organized, with everything you need easily accessible in one location. 

Three steps go into building your project. 

  1. Give your project a title and description
  2. Invite team members (this is optional)
  3. Choose a hiring pipeline - use sourcing, recruiting, or create your own

Building your search is up next and it is super easy. You just need to fill in all your search criteria, based on what you are looking for. 

Job Titles

Choose up to five here. Once you type in a title, the system will give you auto-populated options. This way you can enter additional options that may be close to the one you are using. 


Here you are required to choose at least three skills that are in line with your search. If you don't have exact terms, choose something as close as possible. You also have the option to pick an additional 10 skills that are related. 


Put in any locations you need to focus in this section. If you want a wide net, keep your location to worldwide, or country specific. Alternately, if you need a candidate in a specific area, keep it to those cities. 

Years of Experience 

Use this section to specify the years of experience you are looking for. You are able to add in several options to keep it open if you are looking for a range of experience. 

Advanced Features

This section includes options to narrow down your search even more. Looking for a specific degree? Enter it here to only include certain degrees to make sure you are getting qualified candidates. You can also select additional criteria to filter your results like industry, security clearances, and many more options. To select advanced options simply click on “Show Advanced Features” and enter what you want. Then click continue to see some results.

Candidate Sample Page: 

Once you have all your criteria selected and you press continue in the previous step, you will be given the Candidate Sample Page. Here you will be generated five sample candidates to review. Decide whether these candidates generated are the type of candidate that you are interested in. Then you will have the option to select “Good Fit” if the candidate has shown matches what you are looking for. If the candidate is off the mark, you can select “Not a Fit”. This process helps the system fine-tune results to bring you more accurate candidate matches. After you make your determinations, the next step is to click “start”. This will begin the sourcing process. 

Sourcing Process: 

To get you started, the machine will generate 50 candidates that it believes are a match to your criteria. 

If you want to see more than 50, you have the option to select the “source more” button on the right-hand side of the tool to generate additional candidates. 

To view more information about the sourced candidate, click the “See Candidates” button on the right-hand side. This will allow you to see all the relevant details of the candidates.

Also in this step, you can mirror the search and alter some of the criteria. This saves time so that you can make small changes without having to start from scratch. For example, if you want to do the same search without narrowing to a specific degree, you can easily do that. To make a new search click the “Create a Similar Search” button. You are able to have several of these searches within the same project. 

Problems with AI?

If you have any questions, please contact Hiretual’s support team at [email protected] or use the intercom channel to talk with us. 

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