What is it?

If you have been in recruiting for a while, you understand the importance of building a Boolean string to help you find candidates that match the criteria you are looking for. It can be difficult to put together an effective sting quickly and often takes a lot of trial and error. 

To help recruiters and sourcers with this headache, Hiretual created a Boolean Builder as part of its toolkit. This feature allows you to quickly construct rich boolean strings and launch x-ray searches cross over 30+ public web platforms with a few clicks.

How do I use it?

To use the Boolean Building feature, there are three ways to utilize. 

  1. Quick mode - Use this mode to instantly generate a prebuilt boolean string corresponding to the job title. If you are short on time, this is the best method to get great results quickly. 
  2. Smart mode - Customize the search criteria with what you like to find. Take the guesswork out of figuring out exactly what string you need to use to find the best results. 
  3. JD mode - This mode utilizes parsing job description information by natural language processing technology. Start you search directly from the job description to get moving on accurate results. 

To access any of these features, you will select “Boolean Builder” in the top section of the Toolkit, highlighted in blue in the screenshot below. 

Now we will get into a bit more detail on each of the mode options to determine which works the best for your project. 

Quick Mode

To use Quick Mode, you will need to select the blue Quick Mode button under Boolean Builder. Next, you will begin inputting job titles of potential candidates, thinking about the most common variations. After you input this information, Hiretual will form an auto-populated boolean string. This takes the guesswork out of generating those tricky Boolean strings! Then you will want to select the platform you will want to use and click the Search Talent Now button at the bottom of the page. 

If you are doing this search for the first time, you may receive zero results. If this happens, don’t worry, this is typically due to the window pop up being blocked. To solve this issue, you just need to choose the first option and you will be good to go.

After you click "Search" and solve the potential pop-up problem, there will be a LinkedIn search result page (If you use LinkedIn as your chosen platform). Choose one person and go on his LinkedIn profile page.

Smart Mode

In Smart Mode, we try to make the process a bit more intuitive.  Here you can add a job title like "Software Engineer" and the skills you want potential candidates to have, such as "Java" and "Python". In addition, you can also add the industry and the location and exclude the titles that you do not wish to see. This helps you to avoid sifting through a ton of candidates that are not what you are looking for. Below is a screenshot of the system in Smart Mode. 

JD Mode

Employers often give job descriptions to recruiters to illustrate which kind of employees they want. This can be a catchall of all of the mandatory and nice to have skills but can be a bit confusing. Sometimes it might be time consuming to target the best candidates because job descriptions might be complex and lengthy. 

In this case, JD mode might be a good choice for you.  You only need to enter the job title and job descriptions others give to you. Click "Parse Now" and our AI will analyze the job descriptions and enter relevant skills automatically. How easy is that? Take the guesswork out of the process and let the JD work for you. 

In addition to the job description, you can also input mandatory skills, industries, and locations to improve the preciseness of the result candidates' list. The next step is to click button "Generate Boolean String".

You might want to include or exclude certain current titles of potential candidates.The next step is to choose the platform you want to search, then click the Search Talent Now button. That’s it! You now have an effective Boolean String to use that is based right off the job description.

Problems with Boolean Builder?

If you have any questions, please contact Hiretual’s support team at [email protected] or use the intercom channel to talk with us. 

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