Gmail Integration 

  1. Before integrating with your Gmail account, please make sure that your Google Gmail administrator enables IMAP. See instruction here.
  2. In Hiretual, Go to Settings → Email Integration → and click 'Connect Now.'
  3. Grant permission to Hiretual.
  4. The integration for Gmail should now show “active” in green.

Outlook Integration 

With Outlook exchange email server, you need the following information to complete the setup.

Exchange username

Suppose your email address (e.g., [email protected]) is not the same username use log on to Windows, try entering your Windows username in the ‘Exchange username’ box. It may look like an email address [email protected] or be in a DOMAIN\username format, e.g., EXAMPLE\jason.                             

Exchange server                                                                                 

Suppose you have access to the Outlook Web App for email, the server name you see in the URL bar should be the exchange server name. For any question, please contact your IT department. 

For additional information query and help, please ask your IT admin contact [email protected] 

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