The first step is to input the job titles like Internal Auditor, and skills like "internal audit" or "gaap". There will be machine learning recommendations based on your keyword input.  You can also input location and years of experience to improve your candidates' pool. 

The next step is to provide inputs such as seniority (job level/position), industry, education level, current companies, school, etc.

We also include filters such as major and diversity.

Hiretual currently set its Diversity based on Gende and race.

When you click the "Search" button, Hiretual will search for potential candidates from different platforms and give a list of potential employees. You can press "Good fit" or "Not a fit" to let AI improve the result quality. Then you can press start on the bottom of the page.

After you press start, you can go into your project. On the left side, there is a search refinement bar. You can click the name of candidates to see their resume. You can also find out their work email by clicking their hidden email.

This is the AI Sourcing candidates' resume page after you click their names. 

You can either export the selected individuals or export current project (download data).

This is the Al Sourcing Data Export, which includes the candidates' names, titles, companies, emails, phones, degrees, majors, skills and LinkedIn, etc.

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